Care au-pair


What is a care au pair?
A care au pair is a caregiver who is specifically employed to perform care tasks in a home setting. A care au pair often comes from abroad. For foreign families, this is a great solution as care can be given in their native language. The focus of a care au pair is to provide care and support to family members with special needs, such as children with disabilities or seniors who require care.


Tasks of a care au pair:
A care au pair can perform various care tasks, depending on the specific needs of the family/person in need of assistance. This can include:

  • Personal care such as:

    • Assisting with dressing and undressing

    • Assisting with taking medication

    • Showering

    • Cooking

    • Eating together

  • Emotional support

  • Assistance with activities

  • Organizing appointments

  • Creating a safe and stimulating environment



The important characteristic of a care au pair is that they live-in with the family/person in need of assistance. They provide both care and social interaction with the person in need. This ensures that there is someone present in the house day and night to provide the necessary care/guidance. For this, at least a separate room with a bed and Wi-Fi must be available. The caregiver uses your kitchen and bathroom and eats together with you. The costs for this are for your own account. Costs for personal needs and care etc. are for the caregiver's account.


In consultation with you, the care au pair will stay in your home for a certain period of time. We at Pera Zorg recommend working with 2 care au pairs who alternate in a year to ensure continuity.


The goal

The goal of a care au pair is to enable people with complex care needs to remain in their familiar environment while receiving the necessary care and support. It can help the person maintain a sense of independence and comfort while ensuring the necessary care and supervision. It ensures that there are always caregivers available to respond to emergencies, changes in health status and to provide general care and guidance throughout the day and night.


Before a caregiver comes to your home, a video call will be arranged for you to have a first experience with your future caregiver. When your caregiver is replaced by a new caregiver, you will first be introduced to another caregiver. You will have a pre-introduction call again and the first caregiver will transfer her tasks to the new caregiver in the first 24 hours.


If you are not satisfied with your caregiver, please contact us and we will immediately look for a solution/replacement.